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Got a T25 FrankenPad with T480 guts. Have questions.

T25 Anniversary/Retro
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Got a T25 FrankenPad with T480 guts. Have questions.

#1 Post by Mellon » Sun Jun 09, 2024 7:04 pm

Hello all.

ThinkPad lover here, but I haven't really done anything ThinkPad for years until a few weeks ago, when I got myself a T25 FrankenPad (T25 case and keyboard with T480 i7 guts).
It only has 16gb RAM, so I wanted to know the exact DIMM to order an identical one. I forgot to disconnect the internal battery, and had no idea there was a "disable internal battery" feature on these units, so I took out the DIMM none the wiser.......but realized internal battery was connected. I disconnected it, and then put the DIMM back on, reconnected everything, and thank God the laptop seems to be fine. Ran some diag tests on the RAM and CPU, been fine for a couple of weeks now. Do you think I should be ok? I hope I didn't damage something. At least T480's don't seem to be too expensive, if I have to get a new replacement MB.

I'd like to upgrade the LCD. This seems to be the low brightness stock 1080p panel. I'll be doing some research to see what 1440p options I have.

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Senior ThinkPadder
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Re: Got a T25 FrankenPad with T480 guts. Have questions.

#2 Post by TPFanatic » Sun Jun 09, 2024 11:21 pm

You will need a T480 40 pin cable or QHD cable to upgrade to QHD or UHD. Make sure you use the battery disconnect feature before doing anything with LCDs, and with the battery disconnected press the power button multiple times to drain the caps.

T480 uses DDR4 RAM, up to 64GB max capacity using two 32GB sticks. Last year I paid $100 for a pair of G.skill 32GB DDR4-3200 for my P71. The P71 runs them at 2400mhz. T480 would also run them at 2400mhz. But the important part is that they work at all despite being rated for a higher speed.

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