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"Retro" ThinkPad versus the Market: place your bets

T25-Retro specific matters only
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"Retro" ThinkPad versus the Market: place your bets

#1 Post by cogitordi » Sat Jul 25, 2015 7:55 am

Usability and longevity mean everything to me.

I own (too) many portables, but the only portables that I enjoy using are the old X series (circa X200s). I even have an X61 that I saved from being scrapped. It's a very good Linux portable. "Retro" to me means

a) the quality of the keyboard*,
b) the absence of a (troublesome, space-wasting) touchpad,
c) the simplicity of the ThinkLight,
d) matte screen*, "non-touch",
e) compatibility with Linux*, and
f) the upgradability of components*

*Not negotiable.

If I can also have B and C, I'll call the Lenovo product (if there is one) a "classic" and my money will be ready. But I have doubts -- Lenovo currently has more models than I have opinions. I have been buying Dells in recent years.

I've been considering the Dell XPS 13 with Linux and a full HD screen for my next purchase. I'll be following the Retro project with great interest, but my bet is that the result will be a continued compromise that won't differ from the XPS 13 in any meaningful way.
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Re: "Retro" ThinkPad versus the Market: place your bets

#2 Post by bgx » Sat Jul 25, 2015 10:23 am

if this computer sees the light of day (which is unclear), you will get

-a good keyboard, that's almost certain.
-a non 16:9 screen, that's certain. could be only 16:10, but it is still better.
- more servicability.

the rest is less clear...
XPS 13 has a nice screen/bezel, but the rest is garbage if you want my opinion.

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Re: "Retro" ThinkPad versus the Market: place your bets

#3 Post by Dekks » Sat Jul 25, 2015 2:34 pm

It all depends on Intel and if the retro laptop qualifies for the ultrabook marketing funds i guess.
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