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Installing & Activating windows XP Tablet in 2021

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Installing & Activating windows XP Tablet in 2021

#1 Post by Welsh-Tim » Thu Sep 23, 2021 8:51 am

Installing & Activating windows XP Tablet in 2021

As windows XP is quite old I am hoping that what I've typed below
does not contravene this websites rules, if it does please delete it
and try and accept my apologies.

I've been trying to install and activate winXP Tablet on my
recently purchased Thinkpad X230i Tablet.

The ISO's I am using were all downloaded from archive.org

At first, all I seemed able to do was install "tablet" OK and add drivers
but I could not find anyway to activate the installation.

Another late night of trawling the net lead my to an interesting
Blog about Easy2Boot and using a volume licence key beginning
with KT3Q2...

This lead me to the situation of having xp-tablet installed without
the 30 or 60 day limit.

Then installing Microsoft's WindowsXP-KB905474-ENU-x86.exe
finally gave me the Genuine Activation I was looking for.

This was confirmed with Microsoft's MGADiag.exe version 1.5.717.0

I used this ISO first to start the installation because of the volume license:-
https://archive.org/details/en_windows_ ... 974_201910

And when prompted I used the KT3Q2 volume key.

Then when asked for "disc 2" I used this ISO :-

It wasn't necessary to change the discs again.

The thing I found most interesting about this experience was finding out that the Product License Keys not
only control license type such as "Retail, oem and volume" but also dictate what system is installed from the
disc, such as "Home, Pro, Tablet, Media etc".

I have some screenshots that may be helpful, but I cannot find a way add them to this post.

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Re: Installing & Activating windows XP Tablet in 2021

#2 Post by olex126 » Thu Sep 23, 2021 10:44 am

Hi Welsh-Tim.

As you discovered, the type of installation of WinXP depends on the serial number used to activate said installation...

All WinXP installs contain all versions of XP...the install you get, and its' specific features, is determined by the serial number used to activate it.


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