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XP Tablet Edition install media

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XP Tablet Edition install media

#1 Post by ThinkBrad » Tue Jan 28, 2014 8:14 am

Hello board,

I bought a used X41 Tablet some years ago that came with a fresh Windows XP OS already installed. Checking into it now, I see that it's actually a Retail version of Win XP Pro installed on the machine, but the COA sticker lists an authorization code for an OEM Windows XP Tablet Edition activation.

I want to fresh install XP Tablet Edition from scratch on a new mSATA SSD. I read K0LO's guide for doing this, but I can't create the install CD from my current OS since I'm not currently running Tablet Edition. It appears that XP Tablet Edition was never distributed on CD, so my question is: I have my legit OEM activation code, but how can I obtain the installation package for XP Tablet Edition? I see there are some versions available on torrent sites, but I'm not sure if they are legal, legitimate, or safe. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Second question, less important:

I also just bought a scrapped X41T with no HD to use as a project board for running Android_x86 and some Linux distros. It is also missing the RAM cover door with the COA sticker on it, but AFAIK all x41t's shipped with an OEM license for XP Tablet Edition tied to the Mobo so this machine is still licensed for use of T.E. with its specific activation code...is there any way for me to recover what that code is without the COA sticker?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Posts: 18
Joined: Mon Sep 24, 2012 6:41 pm
Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Re: XP Tablet Edition install media

#2 Post by ThinkBrad » Tue Jan 28, 2014 10:48 am

Nevermind guys, I see now that this has come up many, many times over the years - I just wasn't using the right search terms.

Nearly all of the links from prior threads on this topic are now dead, so before I go hunting down an active source let me back up and expand the scope of my question: What is the best source for installing a minimalist but complete version of XP Tablet Edition?

-I see that the original IBM restore discs are a 7-CD set and are reported to contain a lot of bloat, but are possibly the only source for some device-specific drivers.

-Is there any difference in the Tablet Edition 2005 installs from different manufacturers? I see links to downloadable packages from Dell and HP, but nothing from IBM - are they all essentially the same or should I prefer ones from IBM?

-I read K0LO's guide but that starts from a point of already having T.E. installed.

-I read much of the thread on WinMatrix about converting XP Home/Pro to Tablet Edition (Link to that thread) but there is just so much information and is not specific to the ThinkPad.

Basically I'm not sure of the best method for install Windows. I don't use this machine anymore, at all, for anything, but just want to keep it around and bootable for exhibition as a classic piece of legacy hardware. At most, I will toy around with the Android_x86 build on a separate HD partition. I love tinkering with my old ThinkPads but at this point I've been researching SSD and OS options for this computer for four days straight, which I'm realizing has been a gross overinvestment of time given the life magnitude of this little project. If someone in-the-know could just hint at the optimal XP T.E. installation option for me I would really appreciate it, thanks!

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Re: XP Tablet Edition install media

#3 Post by jhelton48 » Tue Oct 21, 2014 3:14 am

I have a IBM X41 tablet. Mine didn't have a hard drive in it when I bought it. I used a HP windows xp tablet pc edition install disk. And I used Rufus to install on flask drive. Then boot from flash drive. All tablet xp edition are the same. Hope this helps.

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Re: XP Tablet Edition install media

#4 Post by twistero » Tue Oct 21, 2014 3:01 pm

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 was once available in ISO images on MSDN as 2-CD sets, in either Retail or VLK formats. In reality, it's just the original XP SP2 disc, plus one additional disc that contains both Tablet PC and Media Center components. The Product Key entered when installing from the first disc decides whether the installation is plain XP, Tablet PC, or Media Center.

The best way to install "stock" XP Tablet PC with OEM activation would be:

1. Find the original XP Tablet PC 2005 ISO images in retail format, not VLK.
2. Follow one of the many online guides to convert the retail images to OEM. (VLK images do not convert to OEM cleanly.)
3. Install with the universal Tablet PC OEM SP2 product key which can also be found online. This is very important for auto activation; if you use the product key on the CoA sticker, you'll have to do a phone activation.
4. Install drivers.
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