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Visual differences / identifying features between X210 batches?

Old(er) Thinkpads with New(er) Intestines: X62/T50/T70/X210/X330 etc.
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Visual differences / identifying features between X210 batches?

#1 Post by flyingfishfinger » Sun Jan 09, 2022 2:42 pm

I'm trying to figure out which batch of X210 board I have, but I'm unclear if there are any identifying marks / visual differences between them that would allow me to do so. XYTech's website has a list of differences (https://www.xyte.ch/mods/x210-x2100/ halfway down) but they're not super conclusive (except possibly for the SIM slot change).

I thought I bought my board very early on from Jacky, but I have a NanoSIM slot...so according to Yue's list that would indicate a 2nd or 3rd batch which thought as not the case.

EDIT: Comparing photos from this article (http://www.cnmod.cn/2019/06/05/51nbs-x2 ... ecreation/), differences I can see are indeed the SIM slot (full-size & black in their first photo, but small and silver in the description of the PCB... has that article photographed both batch 1 and batch 2?)

My board has the small silver SIM slot and an internal USB connector by the WiFi slot, but also a crosshatched marking indicating SIM insertion direction which I don't see in the above article at all...so possibly a batch 3?

Would love some help confirming or not...


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