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T70 vga not being detected?

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T70 vga not being detected?

#1 Post by sona1111 » Thu Aug 03, 2017 7:05 pm

Hey All,

I know that this is still a small community (for T70) so I appreciate the connections that you provide. Anyway, I have noticed that the VGA port on my T70 does not seem to be detected anymore. I have worked on it sparsely over the past few weeks, but the only major change I did (which I do not know for sure it the cause but seems likely) was switching the bios with the file 'T70_BIOS_170627' . I did this in an attempt to fix the lid-suspend issue on my other thread before making a hardware modification to fix the issue. It did not fix the issue, but I did not immediately notice other problems.

I have reset bios settings to default; is there any other bios setting which might prevent the VGA port from being detected? (using ubuntu 16.04 and 17.04) To clarify, there WAS a time it was working fine a month or so ago, something has changed form there. Does anyone know a link to a repository of all of the bios versions so I can see if a newer version might have a fix?

Thanks for reading.

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Re: T70 vga not being detected?

#2 Post by NonesensE » Fri Aug 04, 2017 12:36 am

There is a newer version (170717). It is available at 51nb but you need an account there. It's a bit tricky to get one but with the help of Google translate, you can make it. Otherwise, I or one of the others can mirror the bios for you.

Version 170627 got pulled back on 51nb due to some problem, I don't know why this is the only version lcdfans provide. 170717 is essentially the same but corrected, so maybe it can help you. The lid issue is not yet fixed, though.
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