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Getting new x2100 display and accessories

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Getting new x2100 display and accessories

#1 Post by gevor » Mon Feb 13, 2023 8:27 am


I got my x2100 two years ago from XYtech, a 6-core version with 12.2" FHD display, and now I want to upgrade it a bit.

Looks like Xue Yao is not responding to the emails, and I am a bit lost with all the x2100 manufacturers, so I would appreciate if you could guide me on how to:
* get the new 13" 3:2 display, ideally already with the lid (preferably the reinforced one, like https://www.xyte.ch/2020/08/04/x2100-august-update/), so I can just replace my old one
* get a spare display cable
* choose the right USB-C charger. GaN, I guess, but which one? Can I use the 65W one if I turn off fast charging in BIOS, or shall I get the 90/100W anyway?
* choose the right 6-cell battery

BTW, my battery was ok-ish until recently, showing 88% left capacity and working fine, +/-, but a couple of weeks ago it started going from 40% charge straight to critical 4%. I guess, it might be just the battery decay (it's not the original one), but if it has something to do with software / calibration, I would appreciate any help in fixing it. I was using laptop mostly plugged in, so it should not have that many cycles.

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Re: Getting new x2100 display and accessories

#2 Post by greatzot » Fri Jul 07, 2023 12:10 pm

Other than Xue Yao the only guy I'm aware of selling the x2100 outside of China is Jacky of LCDFans/CNMOD. His website is below. Back in 2021, a month or two after getting my x2100 from Xue Yao, I had to send it back to him for a motherboard replacement, and I ordered a backup x210 3rd generation from Jacky, and it arrived in about a month. He was very good about responding to my emails and answering a question after it arrived. I'd start by contacting him and see if he can help.


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