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P50s owners? Possible issu

P50/P70 and later specific matters only
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P50s owners? Possible issu

#1 Post by fadingphoenix » Tue Oct 25, 2016 10:38 pm

I'm shopping Thinkpads and am between the P50s and the P50. Leaning toward the P50s primarily for battery life with a secondary consideration for weight, and I don't really need the extra oomph or expense of the P50 for what it's going to be used for.

Just before last weekend I had the chance to briefly use a P50s. At the end of my short time with it I thought to check how well it managed thermals/how loud the fans got/how hot the chassis would get. So I loaded up Prime95 while monitoring everything with HWiNFO. The 6500u in the machine would hit around 2.9ghz for all about 5-10 seconds before dropping. Being a 15w chip this was actually expected to me, but I figured it would drop down to it's base clock of 2.5ghz and stay there. Instead I witnessed it plummet straight down to 1.7ghz; and there it stayed. The max recorded temperature was only 58 degrees.

Is this a fluke of some sort? I tried changing any power options that would affect it. I tried it while running off battery and off the wall. Nothing I did changed the results.

Sadly I don't have access to it anymore to try any suggestions anyone might have, but would anyone have any ideas as to why I was witnessing this behavior? Does anyone here have a P50s that can hold me and tell me it's fine and I won't encounter this issue if I buy one? :eek:

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