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P50 X-Rite Color Calibrator issue - Missing ECCM2SensorData.dat

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P50 X-Rite Color Calibrator issue - Missing ECCM2SensorData.dat

#1 Post by KayMW » Mon Sep 11, 2017 9:20 pm

Hi everyone,

I've sent my P50 to Lenovo in order to repair the cracked palm rest (a small crack near the fingerprint sensor, I'm sure it's not my fault but I still paid over 150 dollars in order to replace it even though it's still in warranty. It seems they had replaced my color calibrator) and the malfunctioning touch screen about two weeks earlier.

After I got my computer back, I found that the X-Rite Color Calibration software isn't working anymore.

It says:
Couldn't open measurement device: No lookup tables. Please run Sensor Replacement Utility program by clicking Start → All Programs → X-Rite → PANTONE Color Calibrator → Sensor Replacement Utility. If this does not resolve the issue contact technical support.
https://img.vim-cn.com/35/84784402dc708 ... 1b8234.png

When I tried to run that "Sensor Replacement Utility", another problem shown up:
Error 22 while reading C:\ProgramData\X-Rite\ECCM-2\ECCM2SensorData.dat. If you have a backup copy of the file, please restore it. If you do not have a backup copy of it or it doesn't fix this problem, please report this error to technical support.
In fact, I've never seen this file before. After I done some searching on the web, I found this post on Lenovo's official forum: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-P ... -p/3742890
and this:
https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-P ... -p/1571826
but none of the method listed in those posts was helping.

And according to https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/pd024421, it says ECCM2SensorsData.dat should be backed up before the replacement of palm rest but I didn't notice before and Lenovo repair center didn't back it up for me. Another problem is, Lenovo Repair Center seems replaced my screen as well (For freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee XD). So does it mean I can create that file by my own? Or can I use that file from another P50/51 and make the software great again?

I'll keep trying to fix this issue and tracking the status in this post. Maybe I'll contact Lenovo Support tomorrow XD (But I'm still a student and Lenovo Support's working time is almost the same time I take classes Orz)

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks a lot.

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Re: P50 X-Rite Color Calibrator issue - Missing ECCM2SensorData.dat

#2 Post by w0qj » Thu Sep 14, 2017 6:43 am

If no one else have any idea, how's this "quicker and dirty" way:

0) Back up your important data first from your Original HDD/SSD.

1) IF you have a spare HDD/SSD lying around, pop this spare one into your Thinkpad,
use your Product Recovery on this spare HDD/SSD.

2) Copy this ECCM2SensorData.dat from your newly Product Recovered Thinkpad.

3) Remove your spare HDD/SSD, and pop in your ORIGINAL HDD/SSD.

4) Copy your ECCM2SensorData.dat file back to your Original HDD/SSD.

Hopefully this would work for you, good luck!
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