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Successfully switch motherbord from Thinkpad X13 to T14s

2020 New name Series after X230-X280 and X390
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Successfully switch motherbord from Thinkpad X13 to T14s

#1 Post by dragosxpan » Fri Apr 07, 2023 6:37 am

I own 2 great Thinkpads; X13 gen 1 AMD ryzen 7 4750u, 32gb ram, touchscreen display 300nits 45% ntsc and an T14s with Intel 10210u, 8gb, low power display 400nits 72% ntsc.

As you probably know both machines share the same mobo design. This give me the idea to create 2 Frankepads and swap theirs motherboards. Due to the fact that T14s have better larger display 400nits, bigger battery 57wh, better keyboard and so I decided to make Frankepad T14s with ryzen 4750u and 32gb ram my primary machine.

So the process it’s not so difficult; In order to begin disconnect the battery, disconnect all cables (make sure you make some photos before), remove all screws and put them in order, and then carefully remove the mobo.

Keep in mind that there some minor differences between those machines despite same mobo design; the coolers are design different and usb cable are not the same.

The major concern was the cooler compatibility but luckily the switch works like a charm; tested the temps in some stress test and everything was under 80 degrees not throttling on both machines. The only problem is that the usb cable for the right usb extension was too short when swapping from x13 on t14s because it have larger chassis.

However everything works perfectly: displays and touch, camera, keyboard, touchpad, touch sensor, battery compatibility.

Hope this information was helpful for anyone who’s planning to swap the motherboards between Thinkpad X13 and Thinkpad T14s both gen 1.





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