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Can I change the keyboard?

2020 New name Series after X230-X280 and X390
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Can I change the keyboard?

#1 Post by mtgal » Wed Mar 27, 2024 2:30 pm

i am typing to you now on my new x13. I love everything about it except the sucky keyboard (and also not crazy about how heavy it is).

for comparison, I ordered a refurbished x1 carbon gen 6. I love the keyboard on the x1 carbon and also how much lighter it is... nearly half a pound! The issue with the carbon is I don't like the form factor--too wide and not tall enough screen--and as it is used it needs a new battery. Plus it is supposed to be a touch screen and this feature seems to be failing intermittently. I am within the free return period. Also it only has 16 gb of RAM, which is soldered, so not upgradeable.

I have arthritis in my hands, so the x13 keyboard actually hurts. The x1 carbon gen 6 keyboard feels wonderful in comparison.

The new x13 is also within the free return period, so I have to make a decision quickly.

Is there any possibility of swapping out the x13 keyboard for a better one?

If I decided to go with the x1 carbon I would have to send this one back and try again with another because of the failing touch screen. The one I bought wasn't easy to find, as there are so many scammers out there and I had to screen them out first. Or is the x1 carbon gen 6 known for having wonky touch screens so no point in trying again with another?

Thoughts? Advice? Ideas? All welcome.


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Re: Can I change the keyboard?

#2 Post by ZaZ » Thu Mar 28, 2024 2:19 pm

Yes, you can swap the keyboard. Lenovo used to have multiple suppliers. I presume they still do. Perhaps as a place to start you could take the keyboard out to find the part number, so at least you don't get the same one if you decide to replace it.

It's really hard for someone to tell someone else what is good because keyboard feel is so subjective. The fact you're up against the return period complicates things. You're going to have to ship a different keyboard and install it, which takes time. What do you do if you replace the keyboard, but it's as bad or worse? I would think it is easier to adjust to a form factor(X1C) than a keyboard that causes physical pain(X13).

There are other similarly sized ThinkPads, the X1 Nano, L13 or even perhaps a newer gen X1C come to mind, that may offer a better experience, but you probably won't know until you try them. That may prove to be difficult unless you know someone with one.
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