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xscreensaver eating Fn-4 (suspend) keypress

Linux on ThinkPads
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xscreensaver eating Fn-4 (suspend) keypress

#1 Post by jana_kazakh » Fri Jan 04, 2019 3:24 am


I have an X250 running Arch Linux & XFCE, which is configured to lock the screen with xscreensaver when the Fn-4 key combination is pressed, and suspend the machine. The machine wakes correctly when any key is pressed or the lid is opened, and displays the xscreensaver password prompt. I am unable to put the machine directly back into suspend mode by pressing Fn-4, because the keypress is captured by xscreensaver instead. I have to unlock the screen before pressing Fn-4 instead.

Is there a way of telling xscreensaver to ignore/pass along specific keypresses such as Fn-4 to the system?

The best workaround I've thought of so far would be to call xscreensaver via a script that dramatically reduces the suspend timeout before running xscreensaver, and restores it after the screen is unlocked

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