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Yoga 12 in tablet mode a bit wobbling

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Yoga 12 in tablet mode a bit wobbling

#1 Post by Chulo » Wed May 18, 2016 11:04 pm

Hello everyone,

I have a question for all yoga users. I bought a Yoga 12 back in December 2015 and I love it, except for one little thing that bothers me.

shortly after I bought it, I noticed that there was something strange happening with one of the hinges. When I opened the laptop, one of the hinges moved slower than the other one. this created a tiny tilt on the screen towards the side with the hinge that moved slower. Performance was great and the tilting did not create any issue (although noticeable) so for a couple weeks I hesitated on having that fix. I then thought that maybe it is not a problem now, but the hinge might create an issue after a while, probably when the warranty expires, right? So to prevent that scenario, I took it to a lenovo authorize repair center for them to fix it. they replace the hinges and the problem persisted. I decided then to leave it like that. A week after using it (I use it every day) I noticed that the tilting was gone, so probably, the hinges needed to move a little bit. the problem has disappeared since then.

However, I decided to use the pen to start writing on the laptop in tablet mode, and to my surprise, a new issue appeared, an issue that it did not have before. When I converted the laptop to tablet mode, I noticed that the laptop didn't open all the way for the screen to rest on the body of the laptop. I made a video showing this particular issue.


Therefore, every time I try to write on the laptop, the screen makes this movement due to the space that is between the screen and the body of the laptop, a space that, as far as I can remember, was not there before. I would have noticed it and it would have bothered me, because I use it mostly in tablet mode, and that wobbling movement would have made it return the laptop and get a surface.

The question is, is this how lenovo looks and feels in tablet mode or I just never noticed that space? If you have a yoga 12 or similar, could you please tell me if your laptop has this space in tablet mode with this wobbling movement or does the screen rest completely on the other side, the body? I think the new hinges are pulling the screen too much and it is not letting the screen rest completely on the other side.

Let me know.

thank you.

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