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ThinkPad x240 doesn't charging if AC is unplugged and plugged again.

X230 and later series specific matters only
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ThinkPad x240 doesn't charging if AC is unplugged and plugged again.

#1 Post by yechuperka » Fri Jul 14, 2017 2:31 pm

Hello! I have a strange problem with my ThinkPad's battery. It charging only if AC is plugged when system is off, if I unplug AC when system works and plug it then battery doesn't charging. Should I just buy a new battery or there is some options to fix the issue? Thank you!

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Re: ThinkPad x240 doesn't charging if AC is unplugged and plugged again.

#2 Post by w0qj » Sun Jul 16, 2017 10:16 am

So your AC Adapter can charge your laptop only when powered off.
ie: Your AC Adapter cannot charge your laptop when powered on.

1. Sounds like perhaps your AC Adapter is close to failing?
(ie: Can only supply enough juice to top up your battery only when your laptop is "off".)

2. Presume you are still using Windows 7 for your X240 ?

3. Take out your external battery, and re-insert it back into your laptop securely.
(Obviously shutdown your computer properly beforehand).

4. If you are using Lenovo Power Manager for your X240, perhaps try this:
a) Switch to [Advanced] mode in Power Manager (There is a button on the top-right corner).
b) Click [Battery_Tab]>>[Battery_Maintenance]
c) Click the option for "Always fully charge (Start at 96%; Stop at 100%)"

5. ***If all above is done, and your observed battery charging (bad) behavior is still there,
then may I suggest that I suspect your AC Adapter may be the problem, and not your battery.

6. ******===> Anyone can give input on this matter?
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