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T430 2351-AJ8 Purchase questions

T430 and later, plus T530 and later series specific matters only
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T430 2351-AJ8 Purchase questions

#1 Post by DaniTD » Thu Jan 10, 2019 5:48 am


I decided to replace my first ThinkPad, a R500. Although it performs very good with its P8600, 8GB of RAM and SSD disk (and aesthetically without a scratch!), I thought it was time to make an update and got a T430 in a good deal, with it's dock, 8GB of RAM, i5 processor and Intel SSD. I chose a T430 because I think the price/performance ratio was great, having into account the margin for improvement with quad core i7, 16GB of RAM and so. This one is with integrated graphics because I usually work over Linux and there is great Intel driver support, and the advantage of running colder which can be of help for a better processor. But, as for me it is a new machine and I'm still waiting for it to arrive, I have a few doubts maybe you could help me with:

-Are the i5 models upgradeable to the 3rd gen, quad core i7 models? Or for that an i7 model is necessary?
-Does the 2351-AJ8 have integrated bluetooth? If not, is it retrofitable?
-Being a second hand unit, I want to ensure it does not have odd security options activated that can lead to think the unit has an obscure source, because I would return it. What kind of security measures should I check they are not activated? I know of Computrace and Supervisor password. Are other passwords or services in these machines to look for?

Hope you can give me some advice with this model, I think it can be a very good machine even for it's age.


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Re: T430 2351-AJ8 Purchase questions

#2 Post by RealBlackStuff » Thu Jan 10, 2019 7:44 am

T430 has all 3rd Gen CPUs, from i3 to i7.
Ex-factory yours looked like this:
2351-AJ8 i5-3320M(3.3GHz), 4GB RAM, 180GB Solid State Drive, 14in 1600x900 LCD, Intel HD Graphics, Intel 802.11agn wireless, 1Gb Ethernet, UltraNav, Secure Chip, Camera, 6c Li-Ion, Win7 Standard
So no Bluetooth, but can easily be added using the BT daughter card.
Get the T430 HMM from the link above.
Check that SVP and CT (permanently) are disabled, that's all.
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Re: T430 2351-AJ8 Purchase questions

#3 Post by AndyMH » Thu Jan 10, 2019 9:12 am

In the T430 the CPU is socketed. In one of mine I replaced the i5-3320M with an i7-3632QM, a straightforward job. Max temp I've seen is in the mid 80's running handbrake. Bluetooth was an option, some have it some don't - both of mine have it. Also both have the integrated intel graphics. Runs linux mint flawlessly. 1600x900 is good, one has it, the other is 1366x768 - which is okay.

Think it is a great laptop.
T430 i7-3632QM Mint 19.0 Cinnamon, T430 Mint 19.0 Cinnamon, T420 Mint 18.3 Cinnamon, T410 dual boot win7/mint 17.3, T60 Mint 19 Mate

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Re: T430 2351-AJ8 Purchase questions

#4 Post by DaniTD » Thu Jan 10, 2019 4:39 pm

Thank you for your input! I think it is a great laptop too, and with margin for making it better. And all of that with a classic look (boxy and with the classic keyboard retrofit).

I have the HMM and I saw on this model, contrary to the R500, has the bluetooth daughter board installed under the palmrest, at the touchpad's side. I see it has a common flat cable for the BT and touchpad. The question is, is this cable different on versions with or without bluetooth, or is the bt chip end only dettached?

Thank you!

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