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T-520 Rebuilt, new Bluetooth 4 60y3303, but F5 not working

T400/410/420 and T500/510/520 series specific matters only
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T-520 Rebuilt, new Bluetooth 4 60y3303, but F5 not working

#1 Post by wsalomon » Fri Jan 18, 2019 6:03 pm

I'm at the end of a rebuild cycle for two T-520's with Optimus 04W3254 planars. (This follows rebuilding of some T-61's with new stock 44C3933 planars, where I had to solve this Bluetooth problem first which was successful.)

The build is with a clean install of Windows 10 x64 ver. 1809, followed by updating with Windows 10 generic drivers, with those at Lenovo's driver download area. It had been my understanding that in order to get the Lenovo Bluetooth to work, that one had to install *both* the HotKey Integration Driver (latest for this series is ver. 3.89.0100, Lenovo file 8jvu43ww.exe), and for the latest Lenovo/Broadcomm Bluetooth 4 (FRU 60Y3303) Driver (latest for this is ver., Lenovo file r00bt05w.exe). I did this which worked perfectly with an old HotKey Driver for the T-61, but not in the T-520.

The problem is the F5 key does not toggle the "Radios" On and Off. I assume the black back-grounded Radio pop-up for F5 is similar to the of the T-61, where each "Radio" (meaning an Intel AC-7260 and the Bluetooth 4 is individually turned on and off. As it, with out that, each is on by default, and one can go through the drill oif turning both on/off using the front apron switch, using the Windows 10 tray control for Wireless, and drilling down into "Settings" to turn off the Bluetooth.

In one post for the T-61, there was a suggestion of using the Lenovo Connections tool as a third driver with the other two, but in opening the Setup, there is nothing about Bluetooth mentioned with all the other connection options.

Is this a case where some versions of the HotKey Integration Driver work, and others do not? If so, can someone suggest a working version, and where to find it?

Another thing I found interesting - Windows 10 cannot locate the module on its own. Most hardware with drivers like these have PCI ID's like... PCI\VEN_xxxx&DEV_yyyy (helpful in finding PCI drivers in a DCI driver database. However, the one for the 60Y3303 is USB\VID_0A5C&PID_21E6 (Also interesting is the the Intel AC-2760 has its own Bluetooth (disabled) with an ID of USB\VID_8087&PID_07DC. Some posters have mentioned that keeping the Bluetooth active on the AC-2760 impairs its WiFi speeds, hence the disabling).

BTW, the Bluetooth 4 60Y3303 and Intel AC-2730 WiFi combination works perfectly in the T-61's.

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