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Creating an ArcaOS (OS/2) Bootable USB Stick

OS/2 on ThinkPads
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Creating an ArcaOS (OS/2) Bootable USB Stick

#1 Post by micrex22 » Sun Dec 08, 2019 5:14 pm

So if you've purchased any of the latest ArcaOS versions, they come with the USB creation utility since ArcaOS 5.0.2.

However, the included instructions for creating a USB stick are a bit vague, in some cases redundant and missing instructions. The default instructions are this massive wall of text:

0.0. Ensure that you have a partition backup of your installed drives.
0.1. Ensure that you have a filesystem backup of your installed drives.
0.2. Download the ArcaOS 5.0.2 ISO as usual.
1.0. Download the ArcaOS 5.0.2 USB image package.
2.0. Extract the image package to the same directory as the ISO.
2.1. Optional: Verify the MD5 checksum of the .imz.
3.0. Insert a USB stick of at least 1799MB in size TO BE OVERWRITTEN. You
will be given a confirmation prompt during the procedure. Be sure that
you are directing the image to the right device.
4.0. Run the DFSee script:
4.1. on OS/2 / eCS / ArcaOS:

dfsanos2.exe -q run aosboot.dfs <Enter>

4.2. on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (and variants) as Administrator as:

.\dfsanwin.exe -q run aosboot.dfs <Enter>

TIP: To get to the Command prompt, or Power Shell prompt in later
versions of Windows, display the directory in Windows, then click File,
and select to open Command Prompt or Power Shell, then select the
option to open in administrator mode.
In this case it should simply be the following (for windows):
#1 Copy the ISO and the extracted USB build utility to a single directory, like c:\arcaos
#2 Open CMD as administrator, go to the c:\arcaos directory and run the following: dfsanwin.exe -q run aosboot.dfs 2 <-- placing the "2" is the disk you want to create the boot medium with, in this case on my system is the 8 GB USB stick I will be using, it can be any number depending on many disks you have in your system
#3 after dfsanwin.exe creates the USB stick as being bootable, you will then need to rename your ArcaOS ISO to "ARCAINST.ISO" and copy it to the subdirectory folder on the USB stick
Done. The reason why you have to manually re-copy the ISO as "ARCAINST.ISO" is becase dfsanwin doesn't do this automatically: it doesn't create the media from the ISO named as that... it's using the "ArcaOS-5.0.2" nomenclature to build the preboot ArcaOS envrionment with. So if you prematurely renamed "ArcaOS-5.0.2/ArcaOS-5.0.3/ArcaOS-5.0.4" as "ARCAINST" it will fail. Kind of silly but ehhhh. I guess they wanted to maintain versions. But I mean, there's nothing stopping the utility from taking "ArcaOS-5.0.2" and copying it to the desired directory and renaming it as "ARCAINST".

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