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Original IBM Thinkpad 700C PS/2 Power Requirements?

Older ThinkPads from the 300, 500, 600, 700 Series, iSeries, Transnote etc.
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Original IBM Thinkpad 700C PS/2 Power Requirements?

#1 Post by solidpro » Tue Aug 23, 2022 10:00 am


I got my hands on a very cheap 700C - as far as I am concerned the first 'true' thinkpad. High spec, colour, trackpoint, bento box design, Thinkpad-branded....

It's in really good condition but no power supply. The socket on the back is the fairly 'standard' type for many IBM-produced models after this - a kind of tapered rectangle with 4 pins, the power supply connector being female. However, I have plenrty of these older thinkpad power supplies and they all say their output is 16-10v (which seems a bit random and wide-spec). However the 700C says it requires 20V on the base.

Does anyone know if the 700C had it's own, unique higher voltage variant of these power supplies? The machine won't power up on the 16-10v one but I don't now if that's because the PSU isn't powerful enough or the laptop is dead.

Also it's just starting to feel sticky. Having handled plenty of other IBM notebooks of this era it's either been in a damp place or it was an early adopter of this kind of rubberised coating that others were not. As an aside the trackpoint has gone totally sticky and like silly putty. First I've ever seen one get like that...

Oh, and the hinges are INTACT. Amazingly. For how much longer I don't know but I'll be disassembling to inspect for battery leakage and anything I can do to protect the ABS from cracking ASAP.

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