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Thinkpad as external keyboard (bluetooth, USB, not Synergy)

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Thinkpad as external keyboard (bluetooth, USB, not Synergy)

#1 Post by sonorous » Sat Jul 06, 2013 6:47 pm

Hi there,

As per my marketplace posting, I'm trying to purchase a USB Thinkpad/Ultranav keyboard. I've had wrist pain using the stock keyboard and mouse with my Thinkcentre at work, and for many tasks would just like to be able to use the trackpoint. I purchased a logitech track pad which works well enough, but the regular keyboard is still too wide (tenkeyless is all I need).

The annoying part is that I'd be perfectly happy using a spare thinkpad for the keyboard task, and would LOVE to have the pointer! I have an older T60 at my desk with an Alps keyboard to access sites blocked at the desktop for security reasons (dropbox, gmail, etc). The IT folks are fairly accommodating, but synergy isn't really an option. Short of using remote desktop or another VNC to control the desktop, what options could I have to use my laptop keyboard, pointer and trackpad to control the desktop?

At the moment I'm getting a ducky tenkeyless and plan to continue to use the logitech trackpad, but it's annoying to pay $60+ for the Lenovo USB keyboard that is inferior to the one already sitting at my desk, but unable to control the desktop. I'm still experimenting, but I know I've used thinkpads for years without issue, so it would be a very useful option going forward, even if I settle on something else as my main keyboard/mouse combo.

Any ideas?


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Re: Thinkpad as external keyboard (bluetooth, USB, not Synergy)

#2 Post by robert213 » Fri Jul 12, 2013 11:01 pm

In the "Off-topic" forum, there exists a post describing an official Thinkpad USB Keyboard with both track point and glide pad. It looks exactly like a Thinkpad -- just without the lid for screen.

Just run a search for "Keyboard" in "Off-topic" forum.

More ideas...
http://forum.thinkpads.com/viewtopic.ph ... t=keyboard

-- Edit --
I found the post. Here is the perfect keyboard for your needs!!!!!
http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/detail. ... MIGR-45868
The ThinkPad Full-Size UltraNav USB Keyboard (31P8950) is the ultimate accessory for the ThinkPad or NetVista user. Utilizing the same keyboard and UltraNav pointing device hardware as the legendary ThinkPad system, this keyboard lets all users share the ThinkPad experience.
•The same keyboard as ThinkPad systems, offering the same look and feel whether using a NetVista or ThinkPad, or with a port replicator or docking station.
•Integrated UltraNav lets you use TrackPoint, touchpad, or both pointing devices.
•Two-port USB Hub for attaching additional USB devices.
•External keyboard enables ThinkPad speaker volume, external monitor control, brightness, system sleep and suspend (on supported ThinkPad systems).

More info here...
http://forum.thinkpads.com/viewtopic.ph ... t=keyboard
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