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1994 Laptop Showdown!

LARGE picture files allowed here. Those with slow connections, beware!!! do NOT go here on your PDA or Cell Phone!
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Senior ThinkPadder
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1994 Laptop Showdown!

#1 Post by Thinkpad4by3 » Thu Feb 01, 2018 8:04 pm

I just acquired two "new" laptops.
In one corner, we have a TI Travelmate 4000E WinSX/25
In the other corner, we have a AMREL SLT486DLB 486DX2/66
And for comparison because this is the Thinkpad Forums, we have a 755C 486/75

Round 1: Ports

TIE! They all have the same ports.

Round 2: Keyboards
Winner: AMREL (755 is real winner)

Round 3: LCD

Winner: AMREL (755 is real winner)

Round 4: Pointing Device

Winner: AMREL with it's cute trackball (wins over 755, I love trackballs)

Round 5: Hinges

No pictures here but the order of stiffness is:
Least --> TI --> 755C --> AMREL --> Greatest

Round 6: Battery Mod Factor

The TP batteries are notoriously hard to open.
The AMREL uses a wierd shape but 12V
The TI uses a battery made of 4D cells and the battery still holds a decent charge!

Winner: TI

Round 7: HDD accessibility


The AMREL uses screws and the Thinkpad uses the bulletproof safe I mean plastic caddy
TI has it really inside the laptop.

Winner: I don't know I really like them all and they are good in their own ways.
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The efficiency of two screens equally sized with equal numbers if pixels are equal. The time spent by a 4:3 user complaining about 16:9 is proportional to the inefficiency working with a 16:9 display, therefore the amount of useful work extracted is equal.

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Re: 1994 Laptop Showdown!

#2 Post by Veverita » Wed May 02, 2018 11:38 pm

Thank you for posting such nice hardware. Are those ISA slots in the back?!!

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