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Signs of a bad inverter of CCFL?

T60/T61 series specific matters only
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Signs of a bad inverter of CCFL?

#1 Post by fefrie » Mon Jun 10, 2019 7:52 pm

I replaced the CCFL a couple of years ago and it brightened up the screen really nice. At the time, the inverter had some buzzing, but the replacement one had some buzzing too, so I returned the new one. Some pressure and some sticky tape kept the buzz away.

Things have been perfectly fine till about a half hour ago. The screen would go completely blank, and the "on" and "Plugged in" light would go orangey/green/pale, which is much different than the actual orange of 'battery charging'.

Restarting would fix the problem, as would putting the T60 into standby.

On further testing, putting the brightness at the lowest setting and the problem would stay away.

And on putting it on max brightness....yup after 2 min, blank screen. No backlight, orangy/green/pale indicator lights. lower brightness to min, standby 10 seconds, bring back from standby, walk down 1 brightness setting, blank screen, repeat, down to one up from min setting at the moment for it to stay on at any length of time.

So that's a faulty inverter right?

I've got a 'server' t60. Also 14" form factor, but just a xga, not sxga screen. Can I use that inverter in this one?
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