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X210 4th batch crowdfunding

Old(er) Thinkpads with New(er) Intestines: X62 / T50 / T70 / etc.
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X210 4th batch crowdfunding

#1 Post by xytech » Tue Jun 11, 2019 7:52 am

Hi everybody! Not sure if you guys have heard, but the 4th batch X210 group buy is on!

I am the modder behind xy.tech and Instagram. I have built plenty of systems for fans all around the world, including X330, X210, X62 and so on.

51nb has officially started the 4th batch crowdfunding, with a target number of 60 pieces of motherboards within 2 months(Until August 1). As a huge fan of the site and of Hope, the original developer of the motherboard, I would like to help fans on this forum get on board on this crowdfunding by offering the opportunity to participate in it at the same price as 51nb.

The specification of the board is an i7-8650u with the same layout and specifications as the 3rd batch motherboard.

The pricing is listed below:
  • 3799RMB (550USD)before 15 June
  • 3899RMB (565USD)before 30 June
  • 3949RMB (572USD)before 15 July
  • 3999RMB (579USD)after 15 July
First 50 or so crowdfunding participants will receive a free FHD display. While stocks last.

All payment will be done via PayPal for buyer's protection. This excludes the ~4.45% PayPal tax. Shipping worldwide will be $60USD. Other payment methods such as bank transfer, transferwise, or cryptocurrencies are welcomed but all additional charges will be borne by the participant. Shipping can be arranged by participant too.

In case of a crowdfunding failure, a FULL refund will be offered for participants.

Terms of participation:
  • All payments are made directly to 51nb. I am only in charge of facilitating this transaction.
  • I am not responsible for the motherboards. They will be shipped directly to international shipping and I will NOT check or inspect the motherboard.
  • All warranties, issues, problems or otherwise unsatisfaction will be dealt with directly with 51nb.
  • I am not affiliated with 51nb whatsoever and I am in no part an employee or financially involved with the company.
  • NO REFUND will be issued in the event you wish to pull out unless crowdfunding fails

I would also like to offer other peripherals and services for the X210. These will NOT be a product by 51nb and is not affiliated to 51nb.

Full testing of the motherboard
Motherboard will be fully tested for port functionality and stability. Each internal port (NVMe, 2.5", mSATA, miniPCIe) will be populated, along with all the external ports (USB, miniDP, LVDS & eDP) and will be stress tested for 4hrs to ensure stability. More details will be confirmed once the crowdfunding is a success. The price for this will be $70USD

Peripherals & others
The peripherals offered is as follows:
  • Custom cooling fan assembly by 17m19 - $50
  • 13" 3K by 2K ThinkPad X1 Tablet 3:2 display top half assembly by Barry & 17m19 - $200
  • Port covers - $20USD
  • Insulating mylar sheets - $10
These 4 will be the 4 primary accessories. I am still in talks with the relevant modders regarding these mods. The custom cooling solution will be a custom 3 pipe fan that is able to enable a sustained 30+w of i7 performance. The 3K display will be offered as a per-modded top half. The bezels will be CNC cut to ensure a perfect finish.

I will also offer purchasing of components & other accessories from China. RAM, SSD, WiFi, 4G and any other items can be selected to be shipped together to save on shipping.

Full machine assembly
A full machine configuration will also be offered. The base specs will be a complete barebones machine with the 13" top half custom fan, mylar sheets and port covers. The WiFi is the 7260ac. Pricing for this will be $1100USD shipped via PayPal or $1050 via other payment methods (buyer will bear any additional fees).

I will also offer the FHD build at $1000 ($950 via other payment method) for those who are interested in getting the FHD stock sized display.

These machines will be minimally in A- condition, but they will usually be A or A+ condition.

The default payment option will be PayPal, as it is the most used online payment method across the globe. As there is a ~4.45% tax for PayPal transactions, I also accept other payment forms such as transferwise, bank transfer, cryptocurrencies.

Please contact me via this website, reddit: /u/xueyao, any of my social medias or email: xue.yao.n@gmail.com

Shipping will be $60 for the motherboard option Peripherals will have different pricing list. The full machine has worldwide shipping included.

For tax, all motherboards or computers will be under declared as much as possible to reduce import tax. This of course means no insurance. For members living in Europe where tax is insanely high, this will save quite a bit of money. I have shipped many laptops to Europe, USA, Asia and even South Africa and they were delivered with no issues.

For warranty for the motherboard only, it will be provided from 51nb as you are purchasing directly from 51nb. For full machine build or parts, no warranty will be offered as shipping costs back to China is extremely expensive. Only a partial or a full refund will be offered, as well as technical assistance.

51nb is a small technology company who's main focus is their website, 51nb, which is a technology website offering reviews, services and peripherals. The forum is famous for the ThinkPad forum, which is the number 1 forum in the Chinese cyberspace for ThinkPad enthusiasts. The custom motherboard is a sub component of the 51nb forum, which was originally started by Hope in order to fulfill his dream and satisfy many of the ThinkPad fans in China. Hope and his 51nb team has no affiliation to other modders regarding the crowdfunded motherboard.

Unofficially however, there are many brilliant modders in China who post frequently in 51nb about ThinkPad mods. The X210 project has brought about many wonderful mods, such as the 13" display and the custom cooling assembly. Other prominent mod includes the X330 mods, which I am currently offering with a.gain's mod.

These modders are not legally, officially endorsed by the forum or 51nb. They are just like you, huge fans of the ThinkPads who love to tinker. The motherboard is the only official project offered by 51nb, and they have NEVER officially offered it outside of China.

For those who have seen or know about this saga, the modder behind these websites, Jacky, is NOT officially part of 51nb. He is indeed a wonderful modder who produces amazing machines, but the fact that his website states that he IS 51nb will cause legal issues with Lenovo. Lenovo has sent official warnings regarding the motherboards, and full machine builds will only cause more trouble for 51nb.

He is now an officially endorsed resale vendor, just approved by 51nb. The requirement is to have 10 motherboard orders, which I do not have. There are no difference between official resale vendor and what I offer, as the warranty is still the same. The official 51nb warranty is to send in your machine back to China, which is something I view as extremely unfeasible. This is why I offer a refund policy for those who have issues with their machines.

I will apply to be an official resale vendor when I can reach the figure officially required by 51nb.

I am a fan of ThinkPad for years and I started xy.tech in order to make these Chinese mods more accessible to the international audience. They include X330 and custom motherboards by 51nb such as the X210, X62 and T70. I am not affiliated to 51nb, but I am friends with many modders there and would love to spread their work. I also do IBM keyboard mods as well as other vintage keyboard modding.

Thank you for reading!
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Posts: 9
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Re: X210 4th batch crowdfunding

#2 Post by xytech » Thu Jun 13, 2019 2:45 am

Added the cost for full machine build as well as peripheral cost!

The full machine will be $1100 via PayPal or $1050 via other payment methods with the 13" 3K display!

For those who are interested, you may contact me here via PM, Reddit: /u/xueyao, or any of my social media. You could also email me: xue.yao.n@gmail.com

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Re: X210 4th batch crowdfunding

#3 Post by Jacky-CNMOD » Thu Jun 13, 2019 11:36 am

PLS note:

Please advise: At the time of writing, we are the only 51nb authorised overseas reseller of X210 motherboards. Purchasing from an authorised reseller guarantees warranty and support from 51nb and us - you will not receive any form of support if you purchase from any other reseller.

I'm jacky .
https://scontent-lax3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/ ... e=5D7E55BD

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Re: X210 4th batch crowdfunding

#4 Post by xytech » Thu Jun 13, 2019 11:43 am

For all those who are concerned, I will be applying to be an official resale vendor once I hit the number stipulated by 51nb which is 10 motherboards.

All warranty will be the same for 51nb and Jacky, which is that you'll need to ship it back to China.

I'll be offering back and forth shipping covered by me, or a refund, as shipping back to China is impractical for most buyers.

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Junior Member
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Re: X210 4th batch crowdfunding

#5 Post by flyingfishfinger » Thu Jun 13, 2019 2:04 pm

Why is there a cost difference for full machines between what you and Jacky are offering? His ones were $200 more expensive for the same / similar configuration, I believe.


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Joined: Tue Jun 11, 2019 4:17 am
Location: Singapore

Re: X210 4th batch crowdfunding

#6 Post by xytech » Thu Jun 13, 2019 9:39 pm

flyingfishfinger wrote:Why is there a cost difference for full machines between what you and Jacky are offering? His ones were $200 more expensive for the same / similar configuration, I believe.

Healthy competition will drive prices down, and I don't think it's fair to charge fans for getting the motherboard directly from 51nb.

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