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P51s not booting up

P1/P50/P70 and later specific matters only
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P51s not booting up

#1 Post by adi92 » Thu Jul 11, 2019 2:24 pm

I have a Thinkpad P51s and I was running a dual boot system with Windows and Linux and it has a PCIe SSD.

My laptop was running fine and then Windows decided that it needed to update my system. I noticed that after the update my computer booted up by default into Ubuntu and froze. No biggie I thought and force restarted it. That's when the fun began.

Now my computer would boot halfway and give me an "ACPI_BIOS_ERROR". I tried reinstalling Windows 10 from a flash drive and even that installation would give me the same error.

Even more interestingly, my computer stopped charging using the official USB-C charger! I ordered the traditional charger and that would charge my system!

Alright, I researched the ACPI error and decided to restore BIOS to default. No dice. I then updated BIOS to the latest version. Still no luck. I then downgraded my bios to an older version and still nothing.

After a few tries, my system started giving me an Error 2102: SSD not found!
So I tried using a new PCIe SSD, still the same error.
I then tried changing the cable going from MB to the PCIe SSD and still the same error.

I finally bought a SATA cable to replace the PCIe cable (the cable that runs from the motherboard to the SSD) and tried to use a SATA ssd and it started working again!! I reinstalled Windows and made sure the driver for Thunderbolt was enabled. I also double checked that Thunderbolt was enabled in BIOS but my laptop still would not charge using the USB-C charger nor would it recognize any USB-C flash drive.

I figured at least I have a working system and put my back cover on and lo and behold I am getting the ACPI error again or just going into a boot loop! Most infuriating. I can run Ubuntu from an external hard disk just fine which is how I am writing this post!

So, what would you guess the issue is and what should I do now? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

What really tweaks my nipple is the fact that everything was fine before Windows update screwed it up! In a fair world, this would be on Microsoft.

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Re: P51s not booting up

#2 Post by MikalE » Thu Jul 11, 2019 4:48 pm

I think the issue may be that Thunderbolt in enabled.

There was a thread a few months ago about machines being bricked with this feature enabled in the BIOS by the user. I think it was about the P series Thinkpads.

I would search for, and read through that thread.
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Re: P51s not booting up

#3 Post by adi92 » Fri Jul 12, 2019 10:17 pm

I found those threds but they seemed to be for P50 laptops. I will however try turning it off and seeing if that helps

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