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Newly acquired G41 - looking for parts

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Newly acquired G41 - looking for parts

#1 Post by DeaconOfDunsparce » Wed Jul 01, 2020 4:53 am

Hello everyone, new forum user here but I've been a fan of IBM Thinkpads for ages. I have a particular thrift store I tend to pick them up at and recently got a working G41 for only $5! However, there's a few minor things I'm looking to change on the device, and apparently they're somewhat rare, so I'm hoping someone here might have some spares to help me out.

Firstly, the one I got has the 3.06ghz CPU, but no dedicated GPU. I've ordered the GPU (Nvidia 5200 go, 128mb) off eBay after finding a good price, but it looks like there is also a required heatsink assembly to attach it properly and I couldn't find a listing for that. Is there a place to get one? Would it be dangerous to simply place my own heatsink on the GPU with thermal paste?

Secondly, the speakers seem a bit blown out,with horrible distortion. I'm not sure if this is just my sound driver installation not being correct (the device did not come with a hard drive) but i might need to just replace those too. I'm really looking to fully refurbish this fascinating machine so any tips or leads on the parts I need to upgrade it would be fantastic. I don't want ti damage this machine so I won't be upgrading it until I have all of the potential issues sorted. Thanks!

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Re: Newly acquired G41 - looking for parts

#2 Post by ThreeIguanasPerSecond » Thu Jul 02, 2020 3:05 am

a friend told me that you posted this in the r/thinkpad subreddit, but you deleted it for some reason. anyways, he wanted me to pass you his post which he originally wrote for you. said he 'didn't want it to go to waste'.
Norotoba wrote: If you can't find it anywhere, it is very unlikely to be obtainable (FRU: 26R8043). Of course, it depends on the heatsink that you own though. I do not know what type of a heatsink that you plan to mount on the GPU, but if it is anything that uses thermal adhesive for mounting purposes, it would not be very optimal. Assuming that the GeForce FX Go5200 in the G41 has a core frequency of 200 MHz, you should be fine without a heatsink. If it is running at 225 or 250 MHz, it would not be fine at either frequency. It's way worse if the VRAM is also running at 225 or 250 MHz, as it would require an additional heatsink to be cooled effectively.

TL;DR: If the G41's GPU daughterboard sports a Go5200 with a core and memory frequency of 225 or 250 MHz and above, you are running a high risk of killing the GPU and/or VRAM as it does not have a thermal sensor. Well, technically it does... but the on-die thermal sensor is generally left disabled on most notebooks that I have seen.

You would also need the FDD bezel with the heat vent (FRU: 26R8015), that is if you are able to obtain the GPU's heatsink. If you choose to not install this part, buying the GPU's heatsink would be a wasted investment, as that is the only way for the GPU's heat to escape effectively.

Now for the most important factor: if my memory serves me right, I did happen to recall that the G41 used different motherboards for its integrated and dedicated GPU variants. The integrated GPU variant's motherboard lacked the connector required to use the dedicated GPU daughterboard, so if this is true, you would additionally (and annoyingly) require the dedicated GPU variant's motherboard (FRU: 93P4275).

Hm, the G41's Windows audio codec drivers never had a software equalizer to my knowledge. Therefore I would not bet on the driver being the culprit if this is the case, and it seems more of a hardware problem than a software problem. I could be wrong though, as you never mentioned the operating system that you are currently running on the G41. By the way, you are looking at a mono-speaker setup. The G41 does not have two speakers, it has only one speaker (FRU: 91P8198).
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Re: Newly acquired G41 - looking for parts

#3 Post by DeaconOfDunsparce » Thu Jul 02, 2020 11:07 am

That's odd, while I did post about those computer in that subreddit I didn't mention the graphics card and certainly didn't delete any post. Nonetheless, thank you and your friend so much for this very detailed response! The parts numbers and knowledge shown is incredibly helpful and will definitely aid my work on this machine. Thanks again!

Edit: I'm running Windows XP home, with unofficial SP4. Couldn't find my pro disk.

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Re: Newly acquired G41 - looking for parts

#4 Post by Saucey » Fri Jul 03, 2020 12:29 am

iirc, I had two G41's one with nVidia, one without.
The nVidia one had some sort of interface for the GPU, maybe PCMCIA? But on the non nVidia one, it doesn't have the interface, but it does have the solder points for it.
Unless you can add that interface and solder it in, i'm not sure if it requires a bios mod or extra soldering in the motherboard.
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