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ThinkPad Dock I 3545-001 Recapping

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ThinkPad Dock I 3545-001 Recapping

#1 Post by edcross » Sun Nov 22, 2020 6:51 am

Dear forum, I recently started using a ThinkPad Dock I 3545-001 together with a 760XD laptop, all worked well for a day until the dock developed a nasty noise problem with the speakers, it wouldn't play any sound and instead generate a loud electrical noise. Initially the problem was intermittent until a day or so that it became permanent. I know the problem is with the dock base as the computer on its own does not do this, it just plays sounds fine.

I suspected this is a capacitors problem so decided to disassemble the unit and find out where sound amplification happens, unfortunately the amp board is well into the back of the dock assemble so you have to do get a good number of parts out before reaching it. By doing this I also found a different problem developing in the main dock board, one of the aluminum smd caps was leaking and spreading over the electronics, luckily it didnt look like this caused any damage yet (eg shorts or corrosion).

I have compiled a list of the caps on those two boards (sound amp and main pcb) in case anyone needs to replace them. Regards.

Sound board:

Location Rating Voltage
C322 47uf 10V
C328 47uf 10V
C308 47uf 10V
C304 47uf 10V
C324 470uf 16V
C315 1uf 50V
C314 1uf 50V
C342 1uf 50V
C343 1uf 50V
C341 1uf 50V
C340 1uf 50V
C335 1uf 50V
C334 1uf 50V
C310 1uf 50V
C309 1uf 50V
C311 1uf 50V
C338 1uf 50V
C305 1uf 50V
C327 1uf 50V
C321 1uf 50V
C339 10uf 16V
C337 100uf 16V
C307 100uf 16V
C317 100uf 16V
C316 100uf 16V

The sound board uses all standard thru-hole electrolytic caps, replace with 105c temperature rated.

Main board:

Location Rating Diameter
C182 47uf 10V 6MM
C181 47uf 10V 6MM
C59 22uf 10V 5MM
C68 22uf 10V 5MM
C179 22uf 10V 5MM
C114 22uf 10V 5MM
C115 22uf 10V 5MM
C180 22uf 10V 5MM
C111 22uf 10V 5MM
C112 22uf 10V 5MM
C113 22uf 10V 5MM
C61 2.2uf 10V 3MM

The main board uses Aluminum Electrolytic SMD caps, replace with the same type or Tantalum, if you choose Tantalum I recommend higher voltage tolerance ie: 16 volts.

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