Installing Radeon 7500 for Vista (Thinkpad R40 and others)

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Installing Radeon 7500 for Vista (Thinkpad R40 and others)

#1 Post by R40_user » Sat Nov 01, 2008 11:11 am

This is the difinitive way to install the ATI Mobile Radeon
7500 drivers (for the IBM R40 and possibly other makes and
models) in Windows Vista.

This is after a fresh install of Windows Vista Ultimate SP1
but should work in any version of Vista not necessarily right
after a new installation.

In the steps I will refer the "the website" as this URL -

First step is to manually assign the "ATI Mobility RADEON 9000"
drivers to the "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" in the Device
Manager. You will need to reboot after you make this change.

The screen should look better. But, we still have work to do.

After the reboot, we need to turn off the UAC. It just
creates havock with extra screens during the installs so
for now its best to turn it off. Once the driver is installed
you can easily turn it back on.

Here is the fastest way to turn it off --

In the control panel (standard view) in the right upper
corner there is a search box. Type in UAC and you should
then see an option to "Turn User Account Control on and off".
Follow the screens and turn it off. It will also ask for
a reboot. (You could have done it before the reboot after
setting up the 9000 driver if you liked).

Okay. Now we're ready to dig into the website.

Read everything if you like, but I'm going down to the
actual steps about halfway down the page. Under
"Installation step by step guide".

Go ahead and download and install the Modder. There should
be a big box saying "Download DH Mobility Modder Here".
The filename should be "". Download it,
save it, unzip it, install it. Finish the setup but don't run it yet.

The nest step says to download and install MSXML6.0. So,
that's what I did. Doesn't seem to do much and requires
no reboot.

The next step was to turn off UAC which hopefully we have
already done.

The next step was to download the latest version of the
ATI drivers. Now, from what I have read, version
6.2 and older have the 7500 drivers. Anything newer than
version 6.2 does NOT have the 7500 drivers. I have not tested
this, I have just accepted what I have read. With this in
mind, I clicked on "or get them from Driver Heaven Downloads"
Which takes you to
Click on "ATI Drivers" and then on the next page scroll
down and find this entry -

34.7 MB ATI Catalyst 6.2 (CCC) Windows 2000/XP.

Download the file. This should net you this filename:

Save it somewhere easy to find. Install it in the default folder.
After it installs it will try to launch itself. It will give
you an error/warning box. Click on OK to exit.

Run the Mobility app (there should be a link now
on your desktop). When it comes up, don't change anything.
Click on "Browse" and find the installation folder
"C:\ATI\Support\6-2-xp-2k_dd_ccc_wdm_enu_3015" and highlight
that folder and click on okay. Then click on "Modify" It will
take a few seconds but it will say "Driver Modifications Finished"
when completed. Click on Close.

Go back into the Device Manager and find the Radeon 9000 driver
and Update the driver software manually. Click on
"Browse my computer for the driver software" and click
on "Browse" again and go out to this location:
Click on Okay and click on NEXT. It should now say
"Installing driver software". A Windows Security box may
open and click on "Install this driver software anyway".
It will take a minute or so to install the driver.

If you have been a good boy or girl this Christmas season,
you should get a message saying "ATI Mobility Radeon 7500
The hardware you installed will not work until you restart
the computer". Click on "Close". Go ahead and restart the PC.

Upon reboot, the Device Manager should now report the
Mobility Radeon 7500 driver! :)

You can go ahead and uninstall the Mobility Modder software
if you like.

Also don't forget to turn the UAC back on if you use it.

Any qyestions, let me know. Enjoy!

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