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Would like advice replacing lid cover on X120E

X100e/X120e/X130e etc. series specific matters only.
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Would like advice replacing lid cover on X120E

#1 Post by FlatSixShooter » Sat Jan 04, 2014 9:45 am

Hi, new member here. I think title says it all. I've never replaced any laptop lid and don't want to screw things up. Any & all advice is appreciated.

I'm also looking to acquire a new 120e lid (new or like new) if anyone has one to sell.

Thanks !


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Re: Would like advice replacing lid cover on X120E

#2 Post by Saucey » Fri Jan 10, 2014 1:01 am

Hi and welcome to the forum!
I have seen this and I was going to get back to you with a video and what not from Lenovo.
Now I was going to link you to an official video from Lenovo of an x61t LCD removal and assembly but I didn't...

Anyways I'm back, I found the Hardware Maintenance Manual (known as HMM) for the x120e
Its a PDF but Chrome or Sumatra PDF can view it.
I would save it for ease of access, anyways page 77 is LCD removal, some pages down is the bezel removal as well.
Anyways I recommend following that and IF you have to pry your LCD lid I wouldn not recommend using a flat head screwdriver.
A butterknife would work better or some sort of spatula would work.

Also this video on youtube seemed fair enough. Maybe too much work but you can use it.
Also I'd recommend you know which screw goes in where.
I now do this by taking a photo of the screw near the screw hole I twisted it out of and I place them in containers.
Labelling them would also be great if you are forgetful, thankfully the HMM lists the screw sizes for each hole/rivet (for lack of a proper term)

Also good luck!
It took me some practice to get used to LCD swapping, I had bought very old ThinkPads to play with so now I can confidently open them up without needing it (for the most part).
Coffee, ThinkPads & Nikon Fan.

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