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Replacing the screen in the P50/P51. Video tutorial and seller info included.

P1/P50/P70 and later specific matters only
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Replacing the screen in the P50/P51. Video tutorial and seller info included.

#1 Post by athlon64 » Thu Jun 21, 2018 5:33 am


So i replaced the pannel in my Thinkpad P50.

I did this because i damaged it. But many may want to do this because the colour gamut and maximum brightness is not very good on the default pannel. This info and the video tutorial works with both the P50 and P51 since stock 1080P pannels are not very good. It also most probably works for the older W540/W541 and T540P since the screen assembly is quiet similar.

What you need to know.

Which pannel to select?

How and where to buy it cheap and avoid getting the wrong model?

So you will usually want at least 300 nits of brighness (stock is about 230) and you will want better colour coverage then the stock 42% NTSC.

I selected the:

LG LP156WF6 - SPP2

Max brightness: 300 nits

NTSC coverage: 72%

There are previous topics on replacing the stock screen with the LP156WF6-SPB1.

However, right now it's not possible to find this model because it seems to me it's not in production anymore.

So you have to select some other model and make sure the specifications are good.

The LG LP156WF6 - SPP2 is currently available, i'll tell you where.

The specifications are the same as the SPB1 and it looks great.

I don't use my machine for graphically intensive work but right away the colors and max brightness are incomparable to the stock panel.

Indeed, color depth is neck and neck with my dell U2715H.


Where to buy?

So the ebay problem is that most sellers will write in the device description:

"a different but compatibile model might be shipped".

You can solve this by buying the screen from: https://www.laptopscreen.com/

You will contact them personally by making a support ticket and ask about the models currently available for shipping.

If you are from Europe. They have a shop in UK and you will check which models are available there.

If you are from US they have multiple shops in the US.

So once they confirm the availability of the model you need you will order one and just to be sure, you can add a comment so they make sure to ship that exact model. You can add a comment to the order on their website.

My personal customer experience was 10/10. I payed about 100 euros total together with shipping and all expenses.

The screen came packaged well and undamaged. (Shipped from UK to Croatia).

Here is the video tutorial that i recorded:


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