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14 yrs x31-41t, 2 yrs vaio e11 user: purchase advice

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14 yrs x31-41t, 2 yrs vaio e11 user: purchase advice

#1 Post by belu » Thu Jan 02, 2020 1:02 am

'04-'10 (phd & 2 yrs postdoc) & '12-'14 (8 yrs total): x31
'10-'12 (of which 1 yr postdoc) & '14-'18 (6 yrs total): x41t (SDD, then 4k2 rpm).

Then in 2018 my 4k2 Win7pro install got some damage from a failing patched-up power cable, and there was this S[ony] V[aio] E [consumer series] 11[.6inch] (~2012) (that I was using 6 months per year to watch movies & tv shows in the evening) that had become fully available, so to not loose too much time to fix the damage or backup the drive (data) and write a backup image to the x41t, I made the mistake to start using the VAIO to work (gained proficiency with the keyboard, the touch surface, the 1366 x 768 pixel [wide!] screen, the 1.5 kg, installed programs and customized the Win8.1,etc.).

'Full' specs:
https://icecat.biz/en/p/sony/sve1113m1e ... 21611.html

Poor design / execution (set hinge resistance above structural strength of in-bezel nuts AND of the screen lid had) already started to manifest (broken off in-bezel nuts, crack in screen lid and bezel), but I opened it every 6 months or so, tightened the remaining screws, and hopped it would hold. Since this summer however it started taking a toll on the power jack (already had it resolderd once). I tried to buy a small wrench to loosen the hinges but it's not easy to find such a small wrench. So I'm thinking it's time to cut my losses.

I haven't bought a laptop since 2003 (x31) and I spent some time researching that (the x41 purchase in 2010 was just a 'tablet extension' to the x31, to read the local paper at the cafeteria and not make my collegues think I was working [seriously :-)]). I am hoping that with the tablet craze for the past decade (4:3 screens) a
2020 version of my x41t
exists (better screen / lid surface ratio, hybrid drive compatible, MATTE screen for outdoor work, etc.) I was hoping to use my newly purchased Sony Xperia Z3 Compact as the 'core' for a 'laptop of the future' but everything is still 'locked up' pretty tightly.

So here it is. What should I be looking into?

I feel the need to mention the following:
- I don't care for the track point any longer since I trained myself (not yet fully : - ) ) to ONLY use [both] thumbs on the touch surface
- I use my laptop 365/16h (bed), take it out of the house (close lid) 3 days / week, so i NEED to get back to the IBM DURABILITY i had on my x31-x41t!
- the improved luminosity of the 2012 vaio screen does NOT make up for its glossiness when taking my vitamin D solar noon fix : MATTE screen required.
- I wanted to post this on the old thinkpad@stderr.org list but it appears to have discontinued [?].

If there have been previous posts here that relate to my query don't hesitate to point to them to save on your answer time / word count.

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Re: 14 yrs x31-41t, 2 yrs vaio e11 user: purchase advice

#2 Post by wujstefan » Thu Jan 02, 2020 8:19 am

Be it non-thinkpad: Toshiba Z20t (with detachable screen). Boy, this thing is rigid while giving you a well over 8h worth of battery life.

Be it thinkpad: I don't know :D I never liked thinkpad tablets.
Too many thinkpads not enough time!
(stable under reduction)

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Re: 14 yrs x31-41t, 2 yrs vaio e11 user: purchase advice

#3 Post by bgx » Thu Jan 02, 2020 12:28 pm

I ve gone x40=>X60s=>X1 yoga 1st OLED => X1 yoga4th (free upgrade by LENOVO after the OLED screen failed 3 times).

I am an academic as well.

I am quite happy with the x1 yoga. stylet is great to proofread papers (i recommand Xodo on windows to anotate pdfs), and i bought a new bigger pen - very nice to use.
I was afraid for the keyboard, but it is actually better than in my x40/x60s.

2years and a half in X1yoga, my only complain is about the 16:9 ratio .
OLED: beautiful, but some low light color went wrong sometimes on movies, and i was no fan of the glossyness. And of course this thing cant hold more than 14month before dying so... Also the bezel is huge compared to my x40/x60s.

X1 4th: same bad screen ratio. Not glossy (depend on the screen u take). Bezel not so bad horizontally, but still a lot of bezel under the screen.
the trackpoint is not so good, but once i ordered a 3D printed soft rim cap, i am much more happy. The trackpoint button are too flat, but i think i can live with that.

I think x1yoga3rd is the best compromise. if price is a problem, u may find some 2nd hand inexpensive X1yoga 2sd. Beware of OLED as they dont last :/.

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